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Beach Tours

Beach Tours

The beaches and islands are a perfect combo of sand, water, sky, solitude and lush greenery served in one full plate. At VRAMAN SPECIAL, we offer luxurious and relaxing Beach/ Island Tours in India and many international destinations. Get ready to soak the healing rays of the sun. When you would return back to your city, your friends would not stop complementing you that you have got a beautiful tan on your body. During the tours you can take heedless strolls on the soft and glittering sands dressed up in loose and revealing attires. You can hit the line of restaurants sprawling on the shores to have a filling meal at any time of the day. We would book your accommodation in a beach facing hotel.

And you can enjoy many hours of thrill and exhilaration indulging in activities like water rafting, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, etc. VRAMAN SPECIAL is a Kolkata based tour operating company.

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